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Patient VR – An Introduction

By Nick Peres – Learning and Emerging Technology Lead at Torbay Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


What does it feel like when you suddenly become ill and strangers appear and take charge of your life?

Health & care personnel are trained to help people through difficult times but do they really understand what it is like to feel so vulnerable?

Instead of using technology to just provide pieces of information to inform diagnosis and treatment, PatientVR is  using advanced media techniques in a very different way – to understand what it is like to be the recipient of care. They recognise that when people understand what is happening to them, they feel more secure and less afraid but acknowledge that staff communication is not always perfect.

The innovative PatientVR is now helping health workers to experience this vulnerability and fear in a way that has never been accessible to us before unless we have been in that situation ourselves!

The below video is shot from the first person perspective of a patient suffering with chest pain. It was filmed using a gopro 360 degree field of view, which users of the Oculus Rift and smartphone based VR headsets can navigate by looking around.